Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Egyptian Dove

I live in an apartment in Cairo, Egypt. A few days ago, I was hearing doves flapping their wings against my window as I woke up early in the morning. Yet I forgot to open up the curtain and check out what was going on. No big deal I though.

Two days ago, upon opening the window we discovered some sort of 'nest', a tiny white egg and a dove sitting next to it. The dove was nesting right on my window sill!

Every day I woke up with the intention of checking up on the dove but every time I forgot to actually do so. Today I finally remembered and managed to take some shots with camera. I can't wait to see when the eggs hatch. I hope they do!


  1. Very interesting, this is the best post!
    How nice to have a dove at home, you are so lucky.

  2. I'm glad you liked it Vue Jardin. I just hope one of them actually hatches.

  3. In Pearl Buck's "Pavilion of Women", she says the Chinese consider it lucky when a wild creature is in the home; that means it considers your house a part of nature. So you are extra fortunate, I think! What great pictures and what an occupying event to watch.

  4. Yes Pomona. Thanks a lot for this lovely comment. I do believe that is true. That is exactly the feeling I got when I found the dove nesting on my window sill. I felt that the plans I grow in pots in my balconies have finally given the birds a sense of 'nature' and that the house is more natural and peaceful. It's interesting how after reading some verses of the Quran (the holly book of Muslims) I found the dove closing its inner eyelids (actually its nictitating membrane) which I took to be a sign of feeling peaceful for I haven't seen it do that before! As I stopped reciting the verses and looked at the Dove I found it opening its inner eyelids again. Was an interesting experiment.

  5. That is a very beautiful picture of a very cute bird! I am looking forward to visting Egypt and seeing a wild dove myself.